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Keynote address to the 14th Annual Annual Conference on Litigating Takings Challenges to Land Use and Environmental Regulations, November 18, 2011 at Georgetown University Law School.

This conference explores the regulatory takings issue as it relates to land use and environmental regulation. The conference brings together a diverse group of leading scholars and experienced practitioners to discuss cutting-edge issues raised by recent decisions and pending court cases. Some of the topics to be discussed include takings claims generated by major flooding events in the Mississippi River, including Hurricane Katrina and the Mississippi floods of 2011, the takings issues raised by the threat of climate change, the tension between traditional notions of public rights in water resources and modern takings cases arising from regulation of water uses, questions about the proper application of Penn Central, and the problem of so-called “unsuccessful exactions.”

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36 Vt. L. Rev. 503-515 (2012)