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This article, however, does not purport to cover all possible dimensions of sovereignty but, instead, focuses primarily on what might be thought of as the core of sovereignty - the "monopoly of power" dimension - although it will be clear that even this focus inevitably entails certain linkages and "slop-over penumbra" of the other sovereignty dimensions. This "core" dimension is examined in the context of its roles with respect to international law and institutions generally, and international relations and related disciplines such as economics. National government leaders and politicians, as well as special interest representatives, too often invoke the term "sovereignty" to forestall needed debate. Likewise, international elites often assume that "international is better" (thus downplaying the importance of sovereignty) and this is not always the better approach. What is needed is a close analysis of the policy framework that gets us away from these preconceived "mantras”. The objective is to shed some light on these policy debates or, in some cases, policy dilemmas, and to describe some of the policy framework that needs to be addressed.

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97 Am. J. Int'l L. 782-802 (2003)