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The existing Partial Guidelines for Implementation of Articles 9 & 10 of the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control includes a strategy for regulating tobacco products to reduce their attractiveness, but does not yet provide any guidance for reducing either the toxicity or the addictiveness of tobacco products. Section, “Addictiveness (dependence liability),” states only that: “This section has been left blank intentionally to indicate that guidance will be proposed at a later stage.” A related footnote says that the blanks will be filled “as new country experience, and scientific, medical and other evidence become available. . . [and] will also depend on the validation of the analytical chemical methods for testing and measuring cigarette contents and emissions.”

This article details that sufficient evidence and accurate testing methods are now available to begin providing useful guidance to countries that have the capacity to implement new measures to reduce the addictiveness of tobacco products and enforce compliance. Using the format of the existing partial guidelines, this working paper suggests possible draft text for the blank “Addictiveness” section, followed by a concise summary of supporting research and analysis.