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The age of federal codification is upon us. The Federal Rules of Evidence and the new bankruptcy and copyright revisions are but examples. By far the most ambitious undertaking in this regard is the effort to recodify federal criminal law.

The federal criminal code project, spanning more than a decade was most recently embodied in the last Congress in S. 1437, which passed the Senate, and H.R. 13959, which competed in the House with S. 1437. Neither bill passed the House. Thus, the Congress closed without a new Code. But both the bills will be back with us, introduced with new numbers, and perhaps a few modifications, in the next Congress. Senator Kennedy is committed to S. 1437 and various House members will counter whit H.R. 13959. these bills are so massive that few can grasp them in their entirety.

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15 Crim. L. Bull. 157-161 (1979)