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In these comments I suggest that in our current world, both international and domestic, practicing "in the interests of justice" includes-indeed, should give great priority to-the "peace-seeking" and "problem solving" aspects of lawyering. I continue to see this as counter-cultural to the more common practices of lawyers who are argumentative, persuasive and articulate debaters, who believe fervently and vigorously that seeking justice, on behalf of a client or cause, means advocating for and "winning" a legal claim. To the contrary, seeking peace for parties (and, indeed, nation-states) in conflict, searching for consensus solutions to seemingly intractable public policy and legal disputes and creatively negotiating new relationships, transactions, partnerships and entities are all, for me, essential parts of practicing "in the interests of justice." I will try to elaborate why I think so, briefly, here.

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70 Fordham L. Rev. 1761-1774 (2002)