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Reproductive rights are traditionally understood to be protected by the privacy aspect of the due process liberty guarantee, but equal protection is also at the heart of the matter. Many of us intuitively know the close relationship between sex equality and abortion rights, and the law, too, is starting to reflect it. This Symposium broadens the focus of traditional abortion-rights jurisprudence to develop equality-based analyses of abortion rights. Widening the angle even further, this Article looks at sex equality and reproductive rights issues beyond the core right to abortion . . . To highlight some of the opportunities created by bringing equality analysis more fully into the mix, this Article looks at three distinct, reproduction-related sites of sex discrimination: sex-role stereotyping in sex education, insurance policy exclusions of women's contraceptive health care, and shortfalls in work-family policies in our historically male-oriented labor market.

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56 Emory L.J. 941-991 (2007)