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Right-wing extremist organizations, like white supremacists and nativists, are using the environment as a rallying cry to gain supporters of their anti-social agendas. Apocalyptic rhetoric about climate change and the lack of action to combat it has frightened some people into accepting the simplistic, violent worldview of these groups. Although the violence is new, the coupling of racism and anti-immigration rants with environmental goals is not—it is part of our cultural history. This Article provides some background on the threats of environmental and domestic terrorism facing our nation and describes how the present-day rhetoric of fear of an environmental Armageddon may be helping rightwing extremist organizations to gain supporters. The Article suggests that moderating the rhetoric and identifying actions individuals can take to change that future may not only have beneficial environmental results, but may also lessen the appeal of these groups.

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Virginia Environmental Law Journal, Vol. 38, Pp. 207-231.