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In the spring of 2020, many law libraries suddenly went from physical spaces with books and in-person services to digital and hybrid operations that met users’ needs through a combination of electronic offerings, book pick-up programs, and virtual reference services. Libraries were forced to implement new workflows, technology, resources, and services in a matter of days and weeks versus months and years. Through it all, library leaders were asked to do something that many had little experience with prior to the pandemic—lead a large contingent of remote workers. This article does not focus on new initiatives, resources, or services developed over the past 22 months, such as new digital lending initiatives, the embrace of virtual user services, and the new ways to deliver print materials to library users. Instead, this article focuses on the challenges the author found with leading a large remote team and the successes the author experienced that may provide some best practices for others going forward.

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AALL Spectrum, Jan./Feb. 2022, 13-15.