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Of my many fond personal memories of Gary Schwartz, the one that stands out most vividly summons from the mists of time an evening in June 1983 at Boston's Fenway Park. It was my last visit to a childhood haunt where I had seen my first professional baseball game in 1941, an occasion that marked the beginning of a lifelong passion for the national pastime. Settled into an excellent seat that faced the storied left-field wall (and brought to mind visions of the large advertisements that covered its surface before it became known as the "Green Monster”,), I began to lose myself in the contest that was leisurely unfolding. But I hadn't counted on my two companions, Gary Schwartz and David Owen, who in about the second inning launched into a perfervid, nonstop discussion of some problematic issue raised by the California Supreme Court's holding in Barker v. Lull Engineering Co. I found myself engrossed by their earnest give-and-take and soon rendered totally oblivious to how the Red Sox were faring. It was then I truly realized how much of an academic I had become.

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53 S.C. L. Rev. 797-814 (2002)