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Members of the Court, members of the family, and friends of Justice White- Alone among today's speakers, I met Justice White only late in his life. Growing up in the law, my relationship with him was the one many kids today have with Michael Jordan - I wanted to be "like White" -like the kind of man he was. I still have that aspiration. Like Byron White, I served in the Department of Justice and was altered forever by that honorable institution. And - like Justice White, in my own lesser way, I strove within the walls of this institution to protect the authority of the national government. Those themes of Justice White's remarkable career - his tenure in the national Executive and his championing of the national Legislature - have been marvelously captured in the remarks of my colleagues. It is perhaps fitting then, in this of all places, to conclude by reflecting on Justice White's perspective on the national judicial power - on the role of the federal courts.

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52 Cath. U. L. Rev. 973-980 (2003)