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With the few minutes that I have, I want to respond to or elaborate on some of what was said and speak more directly about the development of the Environmental Law Program. Then I cannot resist commenting on some things which have not been said, but should be . . . In developing a program, one does not need to have gobs and gobs of environmental law courses. You need a core set of courses. You need a minimum of four courses - a minimum - taught by permanent faculty. You need an environmental law survey class. You need a distinct natural resources law survey class. You need a distinct international environmental law class. And you need an advanced environmental law class, which instead of treating things at their superficial level, like the introductory classes do, takes a few discreet dives in the material, which allow for a mixing of theory and practice in a way that otherwise cannot be achieved.

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24 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 317-350 (2000)