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It is an enormous delight for me to contribute to this dedication ceremony honoring Norman Dorsen. It did require, however, that I go back and note the fact that I wrote for the Annual Survey thirty-seven years ago. Not only did I discuss antitrust, I made some confident predictions. I noted with alarm that there had been five hundred corporate mergers in the previous year, but pointed out that that would level off as time went on. Well, five hundred would be a quiet month at the Federal Trade Commission these days. I am delighted with the Annual Survey's decision to include in this dedication Harriette Dorsen, my good friend and former student, the formidable Dorsen young ladies, and, of course, to honor Norman. During my professional career no school has moved up as much in quality, stature, and influence as NYU Law School. As someone who was here much earlier, at one of the turning points in its history, I second what Dean Sexton said: no person has had more to do with the school's success-not the wonderful former deans, superb scholars and faculty members, or students and administrators - than Norman.

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58 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 27-28 (2001)