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Three courses involving gender, human rights and global laws that the author teaches to two different groups (women’s/gender studies and international affairs undergraduates; and law students) demonstrate methods of making international human rights law and principles real to women’s real lives, as both an educational and activist project. By focusing on the linkages between “thinking globally” and “acting locally” in the area of gender and human rights, these courses suggest some ways of to educate and encourage students to actualize human rights laws and principles in their own communities and lives. The topics, methods and materials used in these courses introduce several important women’s human rights legal theories and cases to illuminate ways to educate and encourage both aspiring lawyers and more interdisciplinary/diverse audiences to actualize human rights laws in their communities.

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CONFRONTING GLOBAL GENDER JUSTICE, D. Bergoffen, P. Gilbert, T. Harvey, and C. McNeely eds., New York: Routledge, 2010