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I met Mary Daly for the first time on the day I began work at Fordham Law in 1991. I had an office on the second floor of the faculty corridor, and Mary's office was a few offices down the hall. Mary was already a well-established member of the faculty, a star at the U.S. Attorney's Office who had become a star in academia. I was new to Fordham and anxious as I began my career in teaching. Characteristically, and not surprisingly, Mary was the first one to come to my office to greet me. It has been almost twenty years since that day, but I still remember her warmth, her sense of humor, her boundless enthusiasm, and how welcome she made me feel.

From that moment forward, Mary was my mentor, as she was for so many of us on the faculty. She counseled us with insight and a wonderful sense of balance and judgment. She provided each of us with a great role model of how to balance personal and academic commitments, as she told us with pride about her children, Anthony, Stephen, and Meg, and as we saw her with her wonderful husband, Tony. And she inspired us, because she was the model of a great educator, a scholar-teacher-public citizen who touched lives in countless ways.

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77 Fordham L. Rev. 1221-1224 (2009)