NSA Wiretapping Controversy: A Debate Between Professor David D. Cole and Professor Ruth Wedgwood

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We are about to begin this very innovative Mock Congressional Hearing. We will be simulating the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, a committee that just met earlier this week on Monday and heard testimony from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on this very issue. Surprisingly, the Attorney General refused and the committee did not require that he be sworn in; a very extraordinary circumstance. That testimony was fairly one-sided; there were not other witnesses; it was fairly short.

So today we are going to see what the real testimony would have been like had we had a balanced approach and a more in-depth examination of the issue. This actually foreshadows other Senate hearings that are likely to come in the next five or six weeks. So I think the world is sort of tuned in to Cleveland, Ohio today to see what happens.

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37 Case W. Res. J. Int'l L. 509-535 (2006)

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