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The authors discuss the changing library needs of law students as computers, technology and legal publishing evolve. In order to track the evolving needs of students, the authors discuss ways that librarians can survey students and explain how focus groups and usability tests can provide further insights regarding students’ research skills and information needs. The article examines the literature regarding information literacy and suggests minimum standards for legal information literacy upon graduation, and the authors suggest new services that law librarians could create for law students. Next the authors examine the recent literature about Library 2.0 services, and offer suggestions on incorporating Library 2.0 principles into law library services.

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H. Kumar Percy Jayasuriya & Frances M. Brillantine, Student Services in the 21st Century: Evolution and Innovation in Discovering Student Needs, Teaching Information Literacy, and Designing Library 2.0-Based Student Services, in Public Services in Law Libraries: Evolution and Innovation in the 21st Century (Barbara Bintliff & Lee F. Peoples eds., Binghamton, N.Y.: Haworth Information Press 2008)